Are your wood fires clean air approved?

Warmington has a wide range of wood burners – the Studio and Southern Series fires, which meet or exceed the current New Zealand Standards for discharge of less than 1.5 grams of particles for each kilogram of dry wood burnt,…

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How do I get the most heat from my woodburner?

There are a number of ways you can improve the performance of your woodburner. Clean the Chimney – The best way to improve draw is by cleaning the flue system.  You should have your chimney cleaned yearly, before the winter season….

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General maintenance for woodburners

Exterior surface: The exterior surface of your woodburner should be cleaned (if necessary) with a damp, non abrasive cloth – when the fire is cold. Use of abrasive, or caustic cleaners will damage the paint finish. Any spills should be…

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Loading wood into the firebox

When loading wood into the firebox, we recommend that the damper is open before opening the door. This helps to eliminate smoke spilling out into the room. When operating the Studio oven, we recommend closing the channel to the oven…

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Architects & Designers

Warmingtons’ Technical Engineers can review drawings, offer solutions and advice on all technical questions and detail, to help overcome and solve issues with the installation of your chosen fireplace.

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