General maintenance for woodburners

Exterior surface: The exterior surface of your woodburner should be cleaned (if necessary) with a damp, non abrasive cloth – when the fire is cold. Use of abrasive, or caustic cleaners will damage the paint finish. Any spills should be cleaned quickly to prevent rust.

Glass Door: The glass door can be cleaned with a dampened paper towel which has been dipped into the cold ashes from the firebox.  Heat from the fire will normally keep the glass clean.  Never operate the fire if the glass is cracked or chipped, and do not load the firebox with wood that may touch or push against the glass. Replacement glass for the woodburners can be purchased from your local Warmington dealer.

Baffle plate and fire bricks: If there are signs of damage to the baffle (ie. warping) or firebricks, these should be replaced to avoid the firebox becoming overheated. Replacement parts can be purchased from your Warmington dealer.