Architects, Builders & Designers

Warmington works closely with Architects and Designers with clients who are looking for solutions that look great, and work really well.

Our technical team can take these ‘creative concepts’ and engineer solutions that are practical, efficient and cost effective. In this way, we are able to complement the relationship between all parties, and give that wow factor without compromising the practical and safety aspects of the fire.

The Warmington fires are designed, built and tested here in our Auckland factory, to ensure easy integration into New Zealand building methods and materials.

Bespoke Fires

We employ a number of qualified Architects and Engineers, so we are able to customise products, and manufacture one-off designs to meet individual requirements and situations.

Our in-depth knowledge of the installation of fires and flue systems to meet the building code and NZ building standards enables us to understand the whole building process and ensure the end product is exactly what the client is looking for.