The Future of Fireplaces

Warmington® Fires produce an extensive range of quality wood and gas fireplaces, woodburners and outdoor BBQs – every fire for your home from our central Auckland location.  Our knowledgeable, and helpful staff can assist you in deciding which fireplace is best suited to your home. We can also help you with the design, installation and building process.

Our fireplaces are designed and built in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions, and with many of our installations in coastal areas, this means using quality materials and special features to give an enduring solution, without compromise.

Our fireplaces meet, or exceed the required New Zealand standards for emission control, giving a range of environmentally-friendly options to choose from.  We have our own test facilities and invest heavily in research and development, which allows us to provide superior products to add value to your home.


Building For the Future

100% Kiwi

Designed and built right here for New Zealand’s unique conditions, and to the highest possible standards.


At Warmington® we use quality materials and special features to give you an enduring solution without compromise.


Warmington® have a range of fires which meet or exceed the required New Zealand standards for emissions control.


Our products are made from long-lasting materials which are 100% recyclable, putting less waste into the planet.


Within our Production team, we employ a number of qualified Engineers who use our testing facility to research and develop new products.


Warmington® have developed Caitec technology and Down-draft Diverter systems to give maximum efficiency and high heat output for our open fires.


Warmington® fires incorporate features to ensure maximum draw to safely remove harmful emissions and moisture from your home.


In today’s noisy environment, Warmington® strives to ensure that their products combine and integrate with the whole acoustic equation.

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