Southern Series

Woodburners - Wood Fire

Southern Series

  • Kiwi MadeKiwi Made
  • WoodWood
  • Wet BackWet Back
  • Oven modelOven model

Key Features:

  • Convenient wood storage base
  • Four models to choose from
  • Heats an area of approx. 150-250 sqm
  • Top surface for cooking
  • Cardrona Cooker Oven model
  • Wetback option available

The Southern Series now has four fires in its Range. The large McKenzie, slightly smaller sized Lindis and the smallest being the Lewis. The fires have a heating capacity of 15-25kw, and are great as a stove at the top surface can be used for cooking and the base area to store wood. This series has a wetback option with 2- 5kw capacity.  To complete the Range, the Cardrona Cooker is ideal for country homes, or those wanting to save on power costs.  It has a oven and cooking surface.

Models:  Lindis-Lewis-McKenzie and Cardrona Cooker

Why Own a WARMINGTON Southern Series:

  • Made here in New Zealand
  • Unique upright Design to allow for ease of cooking and loading wood
  • Oven model available
  • Wood storage under fire box
  • High heat output
  • Wet back options