Kiwi Grill

Barbeque Range

Kiwi Grill

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  • WoodWood

Key Features:

  • Full-height refractory brick lining of fireplace
  • Full Stainless Steel construction
  • Four model options
  • Adjustable height grill for even cooking
  • Sloped V shaped grate for fat-free cooking
  • Stand-alone offfset fire basket – coal/ember maker

The Kiwi Grill Outdoor Fire is a wood-fired asada-type barbeque that provides the distinctive South American cooking style over hot coals and logs. Made from durable Stainless Steel and available in various models. Using the adjustable grill to alter the distance between the fire and the food, you can achieve the ideal temperature to cook your food perfectly. The V-groove surface keeps food moist and allows the juices to be collected in the drip pan for basting or use in sauces.

Sizes in width:

Inbuilt: 1210mm
Cabinet: 1210mm
BBQ: 1465mm
Freestanding: 1145mm
Custom sizes available on request


  • 30 Years industry experience
  • Designed for NZ standard building practices & building code
  • Designed for NZ & AUS efficiency, emissions & safety clearance regulations
  • Individually made to order
  • Bespoke & Highly Customisable
  • IANZ-approved Test Lab
  • An extensive range of models and sizes are available