Custom Designs

Custom Designs

Key Features:

  • 30 Years experience in the industry
  • Designed for NZ standard building practices & building code
  • Individually made to order
  • Custom Wood and Gas products available
  • Skilled and trained craftsmanship ensuring Warmington’s recognized quality products
  • Quick turn-around time for design and manufacture

We offer options for Custom fireplace design. We have extensive industry experience and knowledge combined with a passion for new product design and innovation. If you have a specific design in mind, talk to us. We can give you a unique, effective and beautiful product. Our fires comply to the strictest efficiency & emmission regulations. We have an IANZ approved test lab on site and this allows us to undertake regulation testing as part of the production process. This speeds up the manufacturing process. Within our design and production teams, we have several qualified Engineers and Designers who use innovative engineering solutions to ensure our products meet and exceed New Zealand’s safety requirements with reduced fuel consumption and increased durability.


  • 30 Years industry experience
  • Designed for NZ standard building practices & building code
  • Designed for NZ & AUS efficiency, emissions & safety clearance regulations
  • Individually made to order
  • Bespoke & Highly Customisable
  • IANZ-approved Test Lab
  • An extensive range of models and sizes are available
Installation Specifications / DWG Technical Specifications