Gas Log Lighters


Gas Log Lighters

Key Features:

  • Quick & easy way to light your wood fire
  • No need for paper or matches
  • Auto timer function
  • Three model options: Flare, Railburner or T-bar
  • LPG or Natural Gas

Lighting your fire with paper or struggling with a handheld lighter or matches is now a thing of the past with the range of gas log lighters from Warmington.

This wood-burning fireplace accessory is powered by gas and built into your fireplace to provide an easy and quick way to light the logs of your woodfire.  Simply press the button and the Gas Flare, Rail Burner or T-bar will light for approximately 10 minutes, igniting the wood and starting the fire.


Choose between these three options:


The Flare log lighter gives a large burst of flames from the side (much like a flame thrower). It can be installed on the firebox’s left- or right-hand side to suit gas plumbing and power supply. It is robust and easy to maintain, with components kept out of the way of the logs being loaded into the firebox.

A flare log lighter can limit the grill height adjustment.



It consists of a round tube with small holes running along the length of the Ash Pan or under a fire grate. Effective to light logs across the length of the fireplace. Where an ash pan is used, care should be taken when placing logs onto the fire to prevent damage to components.



Available in both SI and Trad open wood fires, the T-shaped tube positioned in the middle of the fireplace allows for greater flexibility where gas and power services can enter the firebox directly from behind or below the firebox (if raised off the ground). Care should be taken when placing logs onto the fire to prevent damage to components.



All log lighters require the use of an electric-powered control box.

The control box & electric supply should be within 2 metres of the fire.

When considering the Nouveau BBQ and Pizzeria models, both the Railburner and T-Bar log lighters allow full grill height-shelf adjustment options.



  • 30 Years industry experience
  • Designed for NZ standard building practices & building code
  • Designed for NZ & AUS efficiency, emissions & safety clearance regulations