What is “CAITEC” (Air Replacement) – and how does it work?

“CAITEC” is exclusive to Warmington.  Air is drawn from an external source to ensure that the open fire has pre-heated combustion air. This maximises efficiency left while maintaining the home at constant pressure equilibrium and reduces the risk of back drafting.

Using the air from the cavity to maintain a constant temperature through out the fire system also allowing the cavity air to flow through the heat exchanger of the fire and into the home replacing the air that the fire has used for combustion. This method reduces and eliminates cold drafts being pull to the fire as happens in other models.

There are three components needed to start and maintain a fire:

  1. Fuel
  2. Oxygen
  3. Heat

When all three parts are present in the correct ratio, a fire will burn well and can be maintained.

When any one of these components are removed or restricted, the fire will go out.

Fire Traingle

Homes today are built to high standards, and by insulating the home, energy costs are greatly reduced. Sealing the home from outside cold and drafts using insulation and double glazing, are some of the practices now used.

When a fire in a home is first lit, the fire takes it’s air (oxygen) from the room. As the fire continues to burn, combustion air needs to be provided to the fire. As the chimney pulls air through the fireplace, negative air pressure can be created in the house, this negative pressure fights against the chimney draft and can actually draw smoke backward down the chimney. This is call “BACK VENTING”.


Common methods are:

  • Mechanically pumping air into or out of the home.
  • Installing vents from outside into the home allowing COLD AIR into the home, to be drawn to the fire place opening.
  • OR Purchase a Warmington fire with inbuilt CAITEC system, which allows outside air to enter the home as the fire needs it, eliminating cold air and drafts, and additional vents. This is not only the easiest method, but also the most efficient, as the air entering the home is pre-heated through the heat exchanger.

Caitec Venting Design:

The placement of vents and/or design advice can be sort from your Warmington agent.

Installation points to consider:

  • The cavity air vent also supplies air for Caitec. One Vent to look after all the fires air needs.
  • The intake vent for the fire cavity and Caitec air is to be below the top opening of the fire to work correctly.
  • Installing the vents on a slight angle away from the cavity to the intake will ensure any moisture drains out of the vents, and away from the home.
  • Ensure that the intake vent is fitted with a grill to protect against birds or vermin entering from the outside.

NOISE of air entering the home. Because the vent is in the cavity the noise induced by the air coming into the home is some distance from the heat exchange. Thus the noise is greatly reduced.

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