Cost of Living Crisis 2023

Do you want to heat your home, generate as much hot water as you need and cook meals? Do you want to get off the electrical grid and be self-sufficient? Woodburning fireplaces are a great way to save on heating costs in your home. It is versatile as it’s not only a powerful heat source, but it can also be used for cooking and to provide hot water.

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Low heating costs

Woodburners are a versatile and cost-effective solution for addressing the Cost of Living Crisis, as they offer multiple benefits beyond just heating your home. One of the primary advantages of a woodburner is its ability to generate heat in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Unlike traditional heating systems that rely on expensive fuels like natural gas or oil, a woodburner uses wood, which is an affordable and renewable fuel source that is often freely available and easy to find. This can significantly reduce your energy bills.

Low-cost appliance – even when the power is out!

In addition to providing heat, woodburners can also be used for cooking, allowing you to prepare meals and reduce your reliance on electricity or gas stoves. This is especially important during times of high energy costs and power cuts, when cooking with a woodburner can be very helpful and lower your overall expenses.

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Low-cost hot water

Another benefit of a woodburner is its ability to provide hot water for your home. Electrical hot water cylinder charges can be up to 40% of your power bill in winter. By installing a wetback, you can use the heat generated by the woodburner to heat water for bathing, washing dishes, and other household needs. This can further reduce your reliance on expensive energy sources and help to lower your monthly bills.

Cosy interior with woodburner and couple eating at table

Be self-reliant

A Woodburner does not rely on the electrical grid and helps reduce the overall load on the current electrical, gas and renewable energy sources which makes up New Zealand’s power grid. By using a wood fireplace, you will help the current grid service those that don’t have any other means.


Overall, the versatility of a woodburner makes it an excellent investment for those looking to save money on their energy bills and reduce their overall Cost of living. Whether you’re looking for a powerful heat source, a way to cook your meals, or a method for heating your water, a woodburner can offer a cost-effective and sustainable solution to help you manage your household expenses. And best of all, a woodburning fireplace creates a cosy and nostalgic atmosphere in a home, bringing people together.

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